Casey Anthony murder trial: mother and brother testify for defense

Casey Anthony murder trial: mother and brother testify for defense

On Friday, the defense continued to call witnesses in Casey Anthony’s
murder trial. Casey is accused of murdering her toddler in summer of 2008.
As reported in previous posts, Casey is charged with first-degree murder,
aggravated child abuse and lying to police to mislead the murder investigation.
On Friday, both Casey’s mother and brother testified as witnesses
for the defense.

According to Reuters, Casey’s mother surprised the courtroom when
she testified that she was the one who had done Internet searches for
“chloroform” on the family’s computer. The prosecution
said that records show she was at work at the time, but she says she left
early to do some things at home. She also said that she looked up “neck-breaking”
because there was a video of a skateboarder doing “neck-breaking”
tricks on YouTube that she watched. The prosecution wanted to show that
Casey had done the searches, which could mean she was thinking of committing murder.

The prosecution says that Casey killed her daughter by using chloroform
to put her to sleep and duct tape to suffocate her. The defense has presented
a different story to challenge the prosecution’s version and raise
doubt with the jury. They say that Casey was sexually molested throughout
her childhood by her father and also sexually abused by her brother. This
sexual abuse, they say, led her to tell lies as a habit. When Caylee drowned,
the defense says, Casey’s father found her body and blamed her death
on Casey. The two then covered it up for as long as they could the defense says.

Casey’s brother also testified on Friday. He testified to the lying
and denial that occurred in the family by saying that no one would tell
him that Casey was pregnant until a few days before she gave birth. He
could see that Casey was pregnant and asked about it, but no one would
tell him whether or not it was true or they denied it. Casey’s brother
did not go to the hospital when Caylee was born. He has not been asked
about sexual abuse and Casey’s father has denied it.


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