Domestic dispute leads to assault charge for Baltimore County man

Domestic dispute leads to assault charge for Baltimore County man

Accusations of domestic violence often snowball into other allegations.
This is not difficult to understand, as domestic disputes are highly emotional
and can temporarily prevent someone from thinking clearly. When this happens,
it is important that anyone accused of domestic assault or other related
charges consult with a defense attorney immediately.

Last week, a neighbor called the authorities to report that a 33-year-old
Baltimore County man and his 26-year-old girlfriend were involved in a physical
domestic dispute in front of a house in Forest Hill. The caller also noted that the man
had a knife and was threatening to kill himself.

According to news reports, the woman tried to get away from her boyfriend
by locking herself in her 2005 Dodge Neon. However, the man apparently
pried the keys away from a family member and got into the vehicle with
her before driving away from the scene.

The man reportedly stopped the car at an intersection and forced the woman
out of the car. Harford County Sherriff’s Office deputies were responding
to the domestic violence call when they found the Neon stopped on the
side of the road. The man allegedly shouted at the deputies before fleeing
the scene, leaving his girlfriend in safety.

Shortly after, the man was spotted by deputies but failed to pull over.
After a brief chase, the man struck the curb and disabled the Neon at
a gas station. At that time, the man stopped resisting and was taken into
custody. He now faces charges for first-degree assault, carjacking, robbery
and various traffic violations.

Because domestic disputes are emotional, they can be challenging. These
types of arguments can arise from a number of factors, including relationship
problems, alcohol abuse or drug abuse. Regardless of what instigated the
disagreement, it is important that the accused person deal with the legal
ramifications directly with an experienced defense attorney by his or her side.