Fiona Apple learns hashish is worse than marijuana after arrest

Fiona Apple learns hashish is worse than marijuana after arrest

The entertainer Fiona Apple, now facing
drug possession charges, has learned that if you’re caught with hashish in Texas, you face
a third-degree felony. It doesn’t matter how much hashish you’ve
got on you. Any amount is a felony is Texas. Apparently, the authorities
there feel that hashish deserves separate treatment simply because it’s
a stronger version of marijuana.

Maryland certainly isn’t the most liberal state when it comes to
laws against marijuana, but, unlike Texas, it has taken some steps recently
toward reducing criminal penalties for possession, including the availability
of the defense of “medical necessity” in a prosecution.

Getting back to Fiona Apple, Hudspeth County in Texas is becoming notorious
for a drug checkpoint that seems to be ensnaring lots of celebrities in
its net, including Snoop Dogg and Willie Nelson.

The charges leveled against both Snoop and Nelson weren’t as serious
as those leveled against Apple; both men faced marijuana-related charges,
not hashish.

While hashish in the majority of states is generally treated like marijuana
in terms of possession of small amounts, Texas and a few other states
categorize hashish like synthetic marijuana.

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