First Catholic Church official convicted on sex abuse cover-up

First Catholic Church official convicted on sex abuse cover-up

As Maryclaire Dale reports for the Star Tribune, a landmark case arising
out of the church sex abuse cases has just come down, and it involves
the conviction of a monsignor who was said to have “enabled”
priests to commit
sex crimes.

The monsignor did not directly engage in any abuse, which is what makes
this a landmark case. The conviction centered on a child endangerment
charge, and his lawyers argued that he shouldn’t spend more time
behind bars on child endangerment as someone who had been convicted of
outright sex abuse.

Nonetheless, the judge said that the monsignor “enabled monsters
in clerical garb … to destroy the souls of children, to whom you
turned a hard heart,” as Dale reports.

On the other hand, the monsignor was said to have done what he could under
the circumstances, going so far at first in drafting up a list of suspected
priests, a list that a higher-ranking church official then ordered destroyed.

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Source: Pa. monsignor gets 3 to 6 years; was 1st US church official branded
felon for sex cover-up