Girlfriend ‘likes’ Sheriff’s Office Facebook page, gets boyfriend caught

Girlfriend ‘likes’ Sheriff’s Office Facebook page, gets boyfriend caught

As Neetzan Zimmerman writes for Gawker, a Maryland man was arrested on
sex charges not long after his girlfriend “liked” the Tazewell County
Sheriff’s Office Facebook page. She liked the page in an effort
to keep “one step ahead” of the police, monitoring the page
to see whether or not the police had made any progress in finding her

Unfortunately for the pursued, liking the Sheriff’s Office Facebook
page was the wrong move.

“Once she ‘liked’ our Facebook page,” said Sheriff
Brian Hieatt, as Zimmerman quotes, “she put everything in motion
for us to make the arrest. She wanted to get updated to see if we were
searching … If she wouldn’t have liked us, we might not have
located him this quickly.”

As mentioned above, it’s not clear what type of sex offense the Maryland
man was arrested for, but almost any accusation of sex crime, if it leads
to a conviction, can result in sex offender registration.

Given the facts of this case (girlfriend hiding boyfriend) this Maryland
man could have been a young person who was just over the age of majority,
accused of having sex with his underage girlfriend.

‘Dangerous Sex Offender’ Caught After Girlfriend Likes Facebook
Page of Sheriff’s Office