Gun-offender registry the new-new thing

Gun-offender registry the new-new thing

Forget the sex offender registration program, which continues to haunt
those who have been convicted and served time or punishment for pretty
much any kind of sex-related crime. The trending registry these days is
a gun-offender registry, which, as Matt Zapotosky reports for the Washington
Post, is a trending idea for local government across the country.

More than 60 people were shot and killed in Prince George’s County
last year, according to Zapotosky’s report, in incidents involving
gun-related violent crime.

In response, the Prince George’s County Council has unanimously co-sponsored
a bill that would require people convicted of gun crimes to register and
get home visits and check-ins with the police.

Baltimore has already instituted a gun offender registration program.

Said one professor, as Zapotosky reports: “I think it’s gaining
some popularity and people are considering this as a useful strategy …
In many, if not most, U.S. cities, gun violence is one of the top public
safety concerns.”

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Plagued by gun crime, Prince George’s considers making offenders register