Is domestic violence the cause of university lecturer’s arrest?

Is domestic violence the cause of university lecturer’s arrest?

A domestic violence charge can impact your life in ways you cannot imagine.
It can prevent you from entering your home or contacting your spouse or
children. A
domestic violence charge can also negatively impact your career, even if the charge is later

Last week, university police arrested a University of Maryland English
lecturer after receiving a tip that there was a warrant out for his arrest.
University police reportedly confirmed that the 29-year-old instructor
was wanted in Baltimore on assault charges and then arrested him outside
the Cambridge Community Center just before his academic writing class began.

The well-liked teacher was charged with second-degree assault in connection
with an incident that took place in Baltimore in March. While the Baltimore
Police Department refused to release information about the arrest, a spokesperson
for the university police speculated about the situation. He stated he
believes the arrest is connected to a domestic violence charge against the man.

Apparently, a woman had brought a civil domestic violence case against
the instructor, seeking a protective order. However, the petitioner failed
to appear in court, so the civil case was dismissed back in March. Now,
it appears as though the man is being targeted for assault in connection
with the same alleged incident.

According to official documents, a court date has not yet been set for
the matter.

While we do not know the details of this specific case, it is fair to say
that any domestic violence charge can negatively impact a person’s
life. Whether the accuser has exaggerated the truth or someone got carried
away during an argument, it is important that the accused person’s
side of the story is heard.