Judge says long arm of the law extends overseas in sex case involving teens

Judge says long arm of the law extends overseas in sex case involving teens

Though the alleged incidents took place overseas – in which two school
employees, in their late-twenties and early-thirties, are charged with
having had
sex with underage teenage students during a stay in Germany – the trial judge in the U.S. recently
ruled that the court had out-of-state jurisdiction to hear the case.

According to the Associated Press, in a story published by Fox News, the
judge said, “The State of New Jersey has a substantial interest
in regulating the conduct of supervisory personnel to ensure the safety
and protection of its children.”

The decision (which the prosecutor characterized as “courageous”)
will allow the case to proceed to trial in front of a jury. As the judge
said, in which his decision allowed the case to continue, the jury would
be allowed to decide whether or not the two high school employees’
conduct amounted to a criminal offense.

From a defense attorney’s viewpoint, allowing a state court to have
jurisdiction over an alleged crime that took place overseas is quite an
extension of the “long arm” of the law. Indeed, the two accused
men’s defense lawyers argued that the judge’s decision would
allow out-of-state criminal charges to be tried in state.

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