Law enforcement’s ‘Operation Orion’ targets child pornography

Law enforcement’s ‘Operation Orion’ targets child pornography

Arrests have been made – lots of arrests – in so-called “Operation
Orion,” an operation apparently put on by U.S. Immigration and Customs
Enforcement (ICE), and likely other governmental agencies. In the story
published by Reuters, there were 190 people arrested for alleged crimes
child pornography, many of these crimes said to be perpetrated online.

In one instance, a 29-year-old befriended a 12-year-old on Facebook. The
29-year-old is just one person out of many others who were arrested in
more than 30 states, in addition to seven other countries.

“Many of the child exploitation cases under Operation Orion began
with a child or teen chatting with someone he or she met online,”
said the ICE director.

As Andrew Chow writes, a conviction for child pornography can result in
an extremely lengthy prison sentence, including life imprisonment, which
has been ruled outside the “cruel and unusual punishment”
category. In other words, any activity regarding child porn – just
the possession of it, not to mention production or distribution –
can result in severe consequences.

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