Marijuana: Miss Maryland ‘diplomatic’ in her opposition to legalization

Marijuana: Miss Maryland ‘diplomatic’ in her opposition to legalization

As Chris Kaltenbach reports for the Baltimore Sun, Maryland has a lot to
be proud of in Miss Maryland (and 2012 Miss USA runner-up), 27-year-old
Nana Meriwether, who was born in South Africa while her parents were doing
an eight-year stint involving charitable medical work.

True to pageant form, Meriwether was put to task regarding the current
political issues of the day. She’s against the legalization of
marijuana, for instance, but also said that legalizing it could help “stabilize”
the economy, as Kaltenbach reports.

It’s not clear why Meriwether opposes marijuana legalization, though
perhaps her answer is a testament to her latent political – or pageant
– prowess, given that outright support of marijuana legalization
would undoubtedly garner some measure of opposition among the powers-that-be
in the pageant world, hurting Meriwether’s chances of winning.

The fact is that legalization of marijuana – for both medical and
non-medical purposes – is one of the hot-button issues of the day.
Medical marijuana, for instance, has been shown to improve pain-relief
among those suffering from chronic illnesses. Those who oppose the use
of medical marijuana, however, claim that legalizing marijuana for medical
purposes is simply a stepping-stone to outright legalization en masse.

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