Maryland figure skating coach arrested on sex abuse charges

Maryland figure skating coach arrested on sex abuse charges

The Jerry Sandusky case has only intensified the attention focused on sex
abuse by coaches. This week authorities arrested a figure skating coach
in Maryland, alleging another case of child sex abuse. Although the charges
are sealed, the coach’s attorney said they involve multiple allegations of
child molestation.

Law enforcement officers arrested the 50-year-old coach pursuant to a warrant
from New York. Authorities have given little information about the case
because the charges are still sealed but they have indicated that the
prosecution will involve events that took place in 2011 in Lake Placid, New York.

A civil lawsuit against the same coach followed hot on the heels of the
arrest. The father of a female teenage figure skater claims the coach
kissed and touched the girl while they were alone in his Lake Placid hotel
room in 2011. The lawsuit also alleges that the coach sent her hundreds
of inappropriate and romantic text messages.

It remains to be seen whether the criminal charges relate to these civil

Defendants often face both a criminal prosecution and a civil lawsuit in
a sex abuse case. While the criminal prosecution will seek to punish and
possibly imprison a defendant, civil lawsuits seek monetary damages on
behalf of the victim. The lawsuit in this case, for example, is asking
for a $5 million award for the teenage girl. Cases like this emphasize
how big the stakes are in a sex crime prosecution.

Source: Washington Post, “Md. figure skating coach arrested on NY
charges also faces sexual abuse lawsuit involving teen,” Sept. 6, 2012