Maryland man arrested three times last month on sex abuse charges

Maryland man arrested three times last month on sex abuse charges

Police arrested a Maryland man for the third time in a month. The man now
faces multiple counts for alleged
sexual abuse of a minor.

Authorities accused the man of sexual offenses involving four boys. The
victims range in age from six to 11 and all of the alleged offenses took
place between 2011 and 2012. Two of the incidents apparently took place
at a public swimming pool in Bowie, Maryland.

Police arrested the man twice earlier last month as allegations first appeared.
After both of those arrests, the court allowed him to post bond. Authorities
detained him for a third time last week. This time, however, the man apparently
will remain in police custody.

According to news reports, the defendant also received several convictions
for allegedly molesting seven boys in the 1980s. Those convictions do
not appear in police databases. The man received five years of probation
and a suspended five year sentence. The court ordered him to keep seeking
psychological counseling.

Sexual abuse charges can encompass a wide range of behavior, from inappropriate
touching to overt sexual activity. The severity of sexual abuse cases
ranges from fourth-degree misdemeanors up to first-degree felonies. A
prosecution may also include sexual assault charges. Sexual assault offenses
arise where a defendant has forced any kind of sexual act upon another
person. Any of these charges, even alone, can result in lifetime registration
as a sex offender.

Source: WTOP, “Bowie man faces new sex abuse charges after release,”Aug. 31, 2012