Maryland woman sentenced in drunk driving death case

Maryland woman sentenced in drunk driving death case

A drunk driving charge is serious. When an alleged drunk driving incident
results in an accident with serious injuries to someone else, the charges
are even more severe. A Maryland woman who was recently sentenced in a
drunk driving case knows this all too well.

The defendant was accused of driving drunk and striking two pedestrians
with her car last September. According to the police and prosecutors,
the woman consumed three drinks at a bar in Adams Morgan before getting
behind the wheel of her grandmother’s Dodge Caliber and traveling
down 18th Street.

Authorities believe as she neared Florida Avenue, she was unable to properly
negotiate a turn and accidentally ran over two pedestrians who were standing
on a traffic island. One of the pedestrians, a 26-year-old exchange student
from Austria, was seriously hurt in the accident. She was taken to the
Washington Hospital Center, where she remained on life support for six
days. Ultimately, she died from her wounds.

The defendant pleaded guilty to the charges against her. In court, she
expressed her sorrow for the pain she caused. The judge sentenced her
to 72 months in prison. However, part of the sentence was suspended, so
the defendant will only spend 40 months in prison. After her release,
she will need to perform 500 hours of community service.

In Austria, the penalty for involuntary manslaughter is one to three years.
Here, the maximum penalty is much higher. This particular defendant ended
up with a significantly lighter sentence, as she will only need to serve
just over three years behind bars.

If you have been arrested on suspicion of drunk driving for the first time,
or for the third or fourth time, you need to speak with a
Baltimore, MD DUI lawyer to protect your legal rights.