Movie theater shooter faces scores of charges for murder and attempted murder

Movie theater shooter faces scores of charges for murder and attempted murder

By now, there’s not a person in America (and much of the world) who
hasn’t heard about what happened in a crowded movie theater in Colorado
on July 20, 2012. On that date, a 24-year-old former Ph.D. student in
neuroscience, who cut his studies short in June, is said to have entered
the theater armed with a plethora of weapons, including a semi-automatic
assault rifle, and opened fire on the moviegoers.

In this
extremely violent crime, James Eagan Holmes is alleged to have killed 12 people, injured 58, and
has since been charged with more than a hundred counts of both murder
and attempted murder.

It generally goes without saying that most violent crime does not involve
a gun rampage. This case is infamous because, in addition to the grisly
facts of the crime, Holmes dyed his hair orange, called himself “The
Joker,” and opened fire at a screening of the latest Batman movie.
Legal commentators suggest that prosecutors and defense attorneys will
argue the issue of insanity.

According to CBS News, Holmes has been placed in solitary confinement so
as to avoid the possibility of serious injury perpetrated by other inmates.
Moreover, there were no TV cameras in the courtroom; the judge said that
too much media attention could affect Holmes’s right to a fair trial.

And that’s exactly the point we want to make: the facts of this case
are indeed grisly, and the outcry over such a violent crime involving
guns has been loud and insistent. What we must remember is that James
Eagan Holmes still has a right to a fair trial, and to be considered innocent
until proven guilty.

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