Pediatric endocrinologist charged with possession of child pornography

Pediatric endocrinologist charged with possession of child pornography

Did this doctor study medicine and become a pediatric endocrinologist –
the specialty that deals with physical growth and sexual development –
for the sole purpose of getting into a position of trust and authority
(and closeness) with children?

That’s what one online commenter speculates on Taylor Berman’s
Gawker piece, which describes the recent arrest of a doctor for
child pornography involving dozens of movies of naked boys and more than 500 pictures.

Law enforcement authorities charge the doctor, who practices medicine at
Boston Children’s Hospital (but has been put on immediate administrative
leave), with ordering 50 DVDs online and possessing other DVDs and pictures
in his home.

According to Berman, the doctor faces years in prison if he is convicted,
in addition to a hefty $250,000 fine and lifetime parole, which undoubtedly
includes an indefinite sex offender registration requirement.

The twist in this case is what exactly is child pornography?

The old “I know it when I see it” adage only goes so far. In
this case, the movies are said to be of naked boys having food fights,
wrestling in bed, and showering. There is, apparently, no depiction of
overt sexual acts or explicit sexual conduct. In that light, it’s
possible that the doctor’s case could focus on whether or not the
movies count as child pornography as it’s generally defined.

Boston Pediatrician Arrested on Charges of Child Pornography