Rapper Flo Rida arrested for DUI

Rapper Flo Rida arrested for DUI

The musician Flo Rida was recently arrested for driving under the influence
of alcohol. The 31-year-old rapper of club hits, such as “Right
Round” and “Low,” was pulled over by police early Friday
morning and registered a blood-alcohol concentration of 0.185. The legal
limit for a blood-alcohol concentration while driving a motor vehicle
in Florida where he was arrested, as it is in Maryland, is 0.08.

Police signaled that they wanted to pull over Flo Rida’s 2008 Bugatti
around 4 a.m. Friday morning. They say that they saw the car swerving.
According to MTV News, Flo Rida did not immediately pull over, but he
slowed down. Police say Flo Rida swerved a few more times in front of
them before he pulled over. Police started to give Flo Rida field sobriety
tests, but the rapper said that he was unable to do them and admitted
that he had been drinking alcohol before driving. Flo Rida was arrested
for DUI and also for
driving on a suspended driver’s license.

Police brought Flo Rida to the Miami Beach Police Department. According
to MTV News, the arrest created a small spectacle and a collection of
curious passerby. People recognized the popular rapper and asked police
not to arrest him. They also offered to give him a ride home. Flo Rida
probably did not mind the support, but he was brought to jail by police
despite the pleas. He will later face the charges of DUI and driving with
a suspended license.


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