Will Casey Anthony be called to testify in her defense?

Will Casey Anthony be called to testify in her defense?

Casey Anthony is currently on trial for the murder of her two-year-old
daughter, Caylee, in the summer of 2008, as mentioned in previous posts.
Casey is charged with first-degree murder, aggravated
child abuse and lying to investigators. The trial has been going on for about a month
now and Casey’s defense team is currently presenting its case. The
Baltimore Sun ran an interesting article by the Orlando Sentinel’s
Anthony Colarossi that discusses the defense team’s strategy and
a few moves they might make as they finish presenting their side of the story.

The biggest challenge the defense team has faced is how to explain Casey
Anthony’s telling of numerous lies in the days after her daughter
was last seen alive. The defense team has said that Casey drowned accidentally
in the family pool. They said that Casey’s father found Caylee drowned
and blamed her death on Casey, and the two of them then kept the secret
from the rest of the family and the police. The defense says that the
death of Caylee was just another lie told by Casey who was conditioned
to tell lies since she was a young child because she was sexually abused
by her father and brother.

Colarossi interviews many forensic psychologists in his piece and did not
find one that believed that sexual abuse has been known to lead to extensive
lying behavior. An adult who was sexually abused as a child may not admit
the abuse, but they wouldn’t necessarily lie about other things,
such as where they worked or whether they were employed.

The legal and psychological experts interviewed by Colarossi said that
the defense may have to call Anthony to the stand to have her directly
tell the jury why she lied and testify to the alleged sexual abuse by
her father. Although, because many of the things she has said have been
proven to be lies, the jury may not believe her. It is also risky because
she will be cross-examined by tough prosecutors. It will be interesting
to see how the defense proceeds.


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