Woman sues cop after testing reveals she wasn’t drunk driving

Woman sues cop after testing reveals she wasn’t drunk driving

This case, as described by writer Steve Eder in the Wall Street Journal,
shows how bad it can get for a driver pulled over by the police and put
through the ringer on suspicion of
impaired driving. 42-year-old Catrena Green drove past a state trooper with her brights
on. This didn’t please the trooper, who pulled her over, and then
claimed that Green’s constricted pupils aroused his suspicions.

Trooper Adam Throckmorton claimed that she had difficulty getting her seatbelt
off, prior to giving her the field sobriety test, and that she failed
the test by “hesitating” on the numbers part – which
isn’t easy to do for a sober person.

Apparently Green did fine on the other parts of the sobriety test, which
would lead one to question whether she really “failed” it.
Nonetheless, Throckmorton arrested Green and brought her to the local
slammer, where she spent two days.

And the urine test was negative, indicating that she hadn’t been
drinking or was under the influence of drugs.

As Eder reports, the judge wrote, “[O]fficers do not have free rein
to administer field sobriety tests to whomever they please and then to
arrest that person for making the slightest misstep while performing the

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