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Our Blog In Month: December 2017

  • Ever heard of legislative immunity for crimes?

    As Rachel E. Stassen-Berger reports for the Star Tribune, a group of college students in Minnesota have proposed a bill – which now has some ...

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  • Avoid jail for smoking marijuana? It’s possible

    According to some lawmakers – and Maryland criminal defense attorneys would agree – jail time just isn’t good policy for those who are arrested for ...

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  • Amanda Knox wins appeal in murder trial and will return to U.S.

    Amanda Knox, the American exchange student convicted a year ago of murdering her roommate in Italy, has won her appeal and will be free to ...

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  • Getting out of jury duty

    As Katie Moisse writes for ABC News, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) is an affliction “brought on by a traumatic event, such as domestic abuse.” But ...

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  • T.I. back in prison following probation violation

    Rapper T.I. was released from prison on Wednesday after serving ten months of an eleven-month sentence after his probation for a federal weapons offense was ...

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  • Government agencies point fingers over monitoring registered sex offenders

    In Maryland, law enforcement authorities go to registered sex offenders’ homes twice per year or more, in order to confirm that the person is living ...

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  • Retired detectives try to solve 123-year-old cold case of Jack the Ripper

    An interesting recent article in the LA Times looks at the long-unsolved mystery of who was “Jack the Ripper.” The murder and mutilation of five ...

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  • How to lose your commercial driver’s license

    There is one surefire way to lose – or get very close to losing – your commercial driver’s license. If you’re a truck driver, your ...

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  • Maryland lawmakers wrestle with human trafficking

    Jeremy Arias reports for the Gazette that Maryland lawmakers are currently debating laws against human trafficking, a crime which often involves sex offense charges. As ...

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  • Man suffering PTSD, brain injury pleads not guilty in DUI case

    A Marine who is facing charges of DUI manslaughter has pleaded not guilty because he was suffering from untreated post-traumatic stress disorder when the fatal ...

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