Annapolis cops arrest 34-year-old for rape of young teen

Annapolis cops arrest 34-year-old for rape of young teen

The facts of these types of cases are never easy to hear. In this case,
a 34-year-old Maryland man was arrested and has been charged with the
rape of a 13-year-old girl. The incident allegedly occurred at the girl’s
home. The man is said to be a family acquaintance, as is often the case
in sex crimes involving

The accused man is apparently behind bars now with bail set at $2 million.
He faces charges that include rape and sexual assault – and undoubtedly
faces significant jail time if convicted.

The man is 34. The girl is 13. That’s a 21-year age difference. And
the girl is a young teen, a minor. A person’s instinct is to recoil
at these facts, to assume the 34-year-old’s guilt.

That would be a mistake.

Even though society condemns sex crime of all types, it’s easy to
forget that somebody accused of a sex crime still has legal rights, including
the right to a fair trial, and to be presumed innocent until proven guilty.

If you are charged with a sex crime, don’t risk your future, contact a
sex crimes defense lawyer in Marylandto protect your legal rights.