Getting out of jury duty

Getting out of jury duty

As Katie Moisse writes for ABC News, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)
is an affliction “brought on by a traumatic event, such as
domestic abuse.”

But in 57-year-old Susan Cole’s case, however, she didn’t appear
to have experienced domestic abuse, even though that’s what she
told the judge. Rather, Cole claimed to have PTSD in order to get out
of jury duty.

“Her makeup looked like something you would wear during a theater
performance,” according to one eyewitness, a court reporter, as
Moisse reports. According to Moisse’s report, Cole showed up with
mismatched shoes, crazy makeup and curlers in her hair.

Roughly a year later that same judge who presided over jury selection happened
to be listening to the local radio show when Cole called in and “bragged”
about her jury-dodging feat.

Says a psychiatrist who deals with PTSD cases, “As a mental health
professional, I find this disturbing and upsetting. PTSD is a very serious,
life threatening illness. And things like this tend to trivialize it.”

Cole has been charged with perjury.

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