How to lose your commercial driver’s license

How to lose your commercial driver’s license

There is one surefire way to lose – or get very close to losing –
your commercial driver’s license. If you’re a truck driver,
your CDL is your livelihood, and a
CDL violation could put your livelihood at risk.

There is more than one way to lose your commercial driver’s license,
but for a truck driver, getting charged with DWI is one of the more serious offenses.

That’s exactly what happened to a 46-year-old trucker who crashed
on I-95 late last month.

His truck leaked a chemical additive, causing the highway to be closed
for clean-up that took several hours. In this case, as Steve Kilar reports
for the Baltimore Sun, the chemical additive was not hazardous (which
is not often true in oil tanker and tanker truck accidents).

As a result of the truck accident, the man was charged with negligent driving
and DWI, among other things.

The blood alcohol limit in Maryland is 0.08, but it’s a mere 0.04
percent for truckers with CDLs. Kilar’s report did not indicate
the level of the trucker’s blood alcohol content.

Driver of truck that crashed, leaked additive charged with DWI