Man arrested and charged with murder after boasting of crime on Facebook

Man arrested and charged with murder after boasting of crime on Facebook

A man has been arrested for the murder of his girlfriend after he posted
a status message on Facebook three days before his girlfriend was shot
dead. On Friday, the 29-year-old man posted, “I smell murder when
the wind blows,” on his Facebook page. Three days later, he allegedly
shot his 31-year-old girlfriend, who lived with him.

The woman moved in with him soon after they met at the beginning of the
summer. The man has a history of being charged with violent crimes, including
domestic violence. He admitted to police on Wednesday in a written and a videotaped confession
that he had shot his girlfriend during an argument on Monday.

The couple’s argument on Monday became heated. According to the man
charged with her murder, the girlfriend accused him of sleeping with other
women and brandished a knife at him. He says that he was accusing her
of stealing from his marijuana stash when she took out the knife to stab
him. His attorney says that she wounded his hand with a serious gash.

He says that he took out a gun in self defense and that it went off accidentally.
She was shot in the chest and died from the wound. He was recorded on
a surveillance camera running out of the building after the shooting and
police found the murder weapon in the area outside the apartment building
where he had been running.

The incident is a reminder to be careful what you make public on social
media sites. The man was apparently attempting to quote a rap song by
DMX, 50 Cent and Styles P. that says, “I smell murder every time
that the wind blow.” He also had many photos on his site and comments
written that professed his love for and frequent use of the illegal drug,

Source: New York Post, “Status madness: Murder boast on ‘killer’s’ Facebook,” Larry Celona, Doug Auer, Don Kaplan, Sept. 23, 2011