Man suffering PTSD, brain injury pleads not guilty in DUI case

Man suffering PTSD, brain injury pleads not guilty in DUI case

A Marine who is facing charges of DUI manslaughter has pleaded not guilty
because he was suffering from untreated post-traumatic stress disorder
when the fatal
DUI crash occurred.

The man was deployed to Iraq and Afghanistan four times. While on deployment,
he suffered multiple injuries and experienced emotional trauma and stress.
The 38-year-old man received three Purple Hearts for injuries and one
Bronze Star for heroism while abroad in combat zones.

The man was finally sent back to stay in the U.S. after suffering a traumatic
brain injury, however he was still labeled as cognitively fit for combat.

The man was sent to a post in Florida, and a few days before reporting
he was in the DUI crash. The man was self-medicating through alcohol abuse
because he had not received the medical help he needed from the Marines.
His attorney says that the man suffered a dissociative episode and blacked
out when the crash occurred.

A 48-year-old man was killed in the accident and his wife was injured.
The deceased man’s wife agrees with the defendant’s attorney
that the Marines did not do enough to help him before he caused the fatal
accident. The Marine is now in a psychiatric ward in jail.

The Marines have investigated the incident and investigators are actually
recommending to upper ranks that they do more to help soldiers with PTSD,
especially if they are also suffering from a brain injury. The report
recommends that evaluation and treatment be more proactive, rather than
waiting for marines with mental health issues to diagnose themselves and
ask for help.

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