Maryland man still main suspect in woman’s Aruba disappearance

Maryland man still main suspect in woman’s Aruba disappearance

Aruba police say the sole suspect in the disappearance of a Maryland woman
in Aruba remains her 50-year-old on-again off-again boyfriend, Gary Giordano.
Robyn Gardner traveled to Aruba with Giordano from Maryland on July 31.
The 35-year-old has now been missing for two weeks and police are investigating
her disappearance as a possible homicide.

Police are focusing on Giordano in part because he has a history of
domestic violence allegations being made against him by various girlfriends and his ex-wife.
These allegations include behaviors like stalking and sending aggressive
and angry text messages. ABC News is reporting that police are saying
that Giordano took a $1.5 million accidental death policy out on Gardner
before the trip. This is just one of the odd and suspicious circumstances
in the case.

The policy appeared suspicious to police, partly because it was a one-year
policy that is more expensive rather than a five-year policy, which is
cheaper and more commonly purchased. Police say that there have also been
inconsistencies in Giordano’s story around the timeline for Gardner’s
disappearance and other factors.

Giordano has also apparently acted erratically. He told people searching
for Gardner that he had to go back to the hotel to sleep during the initial
search. Giordano also almost left the country for the U.S. three days
after the search started, but was arrested before he boarded a flight.
According to ABC News, he told customs agents that he had to change his
flight due to weather and that his travel companion was on another flight.

Source: ABC News, “Missing in Aruba: Suspect Took Out $1.5 Million Insurance Policy,” Matt Gutman, Alexa Miranda and Richard Esposito, Aug. 17, 2011

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