Police cameras in dashes and on lapels

Police cameras in dashes and on lapels

“Some agencies start with specific vehicles or units, such as traffic
patrol, DWI units or criminal patrols,” says prosecutor (and former
police officer) Jim Kuboviak, as Bruce Goldfarb and Andrew Metcalf report
for the Laurel Patch.

Kuboviak is referring to police cameras, typically mounted on the dash
in cruisers, which provide crucial evidence in many
DWI cases and other traffic stops – showing “what we do right and what
we do wrong,” according to the chief of operations for the Maryland
State Police.

Cameras can either help or hurt, depending on the case and depending on
who you ask. But not every police cruiser is equipped with a camera, often
because of the cost.

As Goldfarb and Metcalf report, Baltimore City and Baltimore County do
not employ cameras in police cruisers. The same goes for cruisers in Anne
Arundel County. It’s not clear why, but it costs more than $5,000
to install camera equipment in each cruiser, which can be cost-prohibitive
for many police agencies.

“It would be a big chunk of change to outfit a large department,”
said Kuboviak.

And as technology improves, some people are starting to discuss the possibility
of putting cameras on the lapels of police officers, or on a helmet.

Source: HoCo Police: Dash Cams Not Used in ‘Daily Patrol Activities’