Prosecutors may drop sex crime charges against Strauss-Kahn next week

Prosecutors may drop sex crime charges against Strauss-Kahn next week

Prosecutors are set to decide next week whether they will pursue or drop
sex crime charges against Dominique Strauss-Kahn. The former chief of
the International Monetary Fund was accused by a hotel maid of sexually
assaulting her when she entered his room to clean it. Strauss-Kahn has
claimed that the woman consented to sex and then became angry after he
refused to pay her for it. He denies the charges that he
sexually assaulted her.

Prosecutors are deciding whether or not to pursue charges partly because
they are not sure if the woman’s testimony will hold up in court.
Reportedly, the 32-year-old’s story had inconsistencies. She also
told investigators a story about how she was gang raped in her native
country of Guinea, but later admitted that that story was not true. She
also reportedly lied on tax forms.

The woman is a single mother and has lived in the U.S. for seven years.
Both sides portray the situation and the woman completely differently.
It seems like it will be difficult for prosecutors to build a case if
the woman’s credibility is so shaken.

The woman and her attorneys have filed a civil suit against Strauss-Kahn
to recover damages for her alleged sexual assault. They also accuse the
prosecutors’ office of leaking information in the case that damaged
their client’s reputation.

Much of France is ready to welcome back Strauss-Kahn. He was a contender
for future presidential office and many seem to think in France that dropped
charges will restore his political ambitions.

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