Sex assault charges will likely be dropped against former IMF chief

Sex assault charges will likely be dropped against former IMF chief

Prosecutors are likely planning to drop sex crime charges that they had
brought against the former International Monetary Chief Dominique Strauss-Kahn
related to the alleged attempted rape and sexual assault of a hotel maid
in May. As reported in previous posts, a hotel maid from Guinea accused
Strauss-Kahn of
sexually assaulting her on May 14 when she entered his hotel room to clean it. Strauss-Kahn
denied the charges. The prosecution is considering dropping the charges
because questions have come up about the accuser’s credibility,
and the maid is the key witness in the case.

His defense did not deny that sexual activity took place, but they said
that it was consensual. According to an AFP article, the defense was planning
to claim at trial that the woman had consented to sex, but became angry
when Strauss-Kahn would not pay her for it, which led her to go to police
and accuse him of assault.

It has come to light that the woman accusing Strauss-Kahn of sexual assault
has lied before, which has made the prosecution question whether they
can sustain a case against the former IMF-chief. The woman lied to a grand
jury and has changed her story about what happened immediately following
the alleged attack. It has been discovered that the woman has lied on
tax forms and her asylum application to come to the U.S. as a refugee
from Guinea. According to the AFP, suspicious deposits have been made
to her bank account. She also talked on the phone about the Strauss-Kahn
case to someone in a federal prison in Arizona.


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