T.I. back in prison following probation violation

T.I. back in prison following probation violation

Rapper T.I. was released from prison on Wednesday after serving ten months
of an eleven-month sentence after his probation for a federal weapons
offense was revoked. His freedom was short-lived; he was back in prison
the next day and will likely remain there until his prison sentence officially
ends in late September.

T.I. violated his probation because law enforcement officers found illegal
drugs in his
possession during a traffic stop. T.I. was pulled over by police and found with an
ecstasy pill, and he tested positive for opiates. He was also in contact
with a convicted felon, which was prohibited during his probation.

He had been allowed to avoid the maximum prison sentence on an earlier
weapons charge, but was then sent to serve eleven more months after the
violations. The judge refused to let T.I. avoid prison following the probation
violations because he had already let T.I. participate in an alternative
sentence. T.I. had been allowed to avoid a maximum five-year prison sentence
if he did community service, paid a fine and stayed under house arrest
before serving one year in jail.

Right before T.I.’s court appearance on the probation violation he
talked a man out of committing suicide by jumping off a building. Some
people were cynical and felt that T.I. was trying to manipulate the court’s
decision, but others felt it was a genuinely heroic effort.

T.I. was let out of prison a month early and set to finish the last month
of his sentence at a halfway house. The problem seems to be that he took
a luxury rap tour bus to get from the prison to the halfway house. The
Federal Bureau of Prisons took him back into custody after he got off
the bus. His sentence is set to end in late September.

Source: Los Angeles Times, “T.I. back in prison after luxury-bus ride to halfway house,” Christie D’Zurilla, Sept. 2, 2011