Unemployment benefits possible for victims of domestic abuse

Unemployment benefits possible for victims of domestic abuse

As WBAL News reports, Lt. Gov. Anthony Brown wants a law passed that will
provide for unemployment benefits for people who lose their jobs or quit
employment because of
domestic abuse.

According to the report, 163 Maryland women must choose safety over working
every year.

This bill turns long-standing law regarding unemployment benefits on its
head-one part of it anyway: employees who quit cannot take unemployment
benefits. Employees must generally be fired or otherwise lose their jobs
through no fault of their own.

But for many people who claim to be victims of domestic violence, often
they must quit in order to provide for their own safety. One representative
of a domestic abuse center said, “We’ve had plenty of clients
experience their abusers not only calling and harassing them at work,
but also showing up at work and sometimes perpetrating violence at their
place of employment.”

Lt. Gov. Brown says that the benefits (in terms of workplace productivity
and lives saved) outweigh the cost of the law.