What can happen after being accused of a sex crime

What can happen after being accused of a sex crime

This case, as Heather Rawlyk reports for the Capital Gazette, involves
two young Maryland men and a prostitute who flew in from Sacramento. There,
in the Hanover Hilton Garden Inn, the woman says she was gang-raped by
the two men, although her story seemed to have changed on several occasions.

Nonetheless, the accusation was serious and resulted in severe consequences
for the two men, students in their early twenties, who must now
register as sex offenders after taking pleas.

Because of the nature of the accusations, as well as the nature of the
alleged criminal offense, there is more “gray area” than usual,
unlike some other types of crimes. In this particular case, the gray area
consists of the woman’s changing story.

Make no mistake: prosecutors and society-at-large take sex offenses like
rape very seriously. But lifetime sex-offense registration and significant
time served behind bars – not to mention an abrupt halt to the educations
and job opportunities these young men may have hoped for – is a
large price to pay for accusations that may not have been entirely true.

If you have been accused of a sex crime, contact a sex crimes attorney
in Baltimore to protect your legal rights.