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Our Blog In Month: January 2018

  • When a U.S. soldier becomes a ‘gunman’

    Generally speaking, there are few acts in war, though they could be classified as violent, that would rise to the level of violent crime. But ...

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  • Good student faces hard time in juvenile court

    “She goes from job to job to school,” said one of her classmates, as Timothy Stenovec reports for the Huffington Post. “She stays up until ...

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  • Surveillance of sex offenders during Halloween

    As Jonathan Moynihan reports for the Severn Patch, not everyone can participate on Halloween. Those convicted of sex crimes are not allowed to participate, given ...

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  • Newer kid on the block: Alcohol anklets in DWI cases

    Here comes the alcohol anklet, just as use of the ignition interlock device has been gaining more and more favor among judges in drunk-driving cases. ...

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  • Maryland rock climbing coach pleads guilty to sex offense

    A 31-year-old Maryland rock climbing coach has recently plead guilty to a sex offense perpetrated against a 14-year-old climbing student – and the irony in ...

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  • Abolish the death penalty? State legislators say ‘no’

    State legislators ultimately said “no” to a bill that would have abolished the death penalty in Connecticut after a gruesome home invasion involving sex offenses ...

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  • ‘Is this the end?’ says Hollywood shooter

    If it hadn’t been the end for this as-yet-unidentified Hollywood gunman, he most certainly would have been charged with a violent crime, like attempted murder. ...

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  • Baltimore Sun: Top Maryland prosecutor ‘crying wolf’ on drug offenders

    Many people convicted of drug offenses have not committed violent crimes, like murder or armed robbery. Most are low-level offenders who wouldn’t be in prison ...

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  • Maryland Gov. O’Malley aims to reduce domestic abuse by 25 percent

    As Emily Babay reports for the Washington Examiner, authorities in Maryland have distributed more than $9 million in funds from the Violence Against Women Act ...

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  • Lassie, Jolly Ranchers and Maryland drug charges

    There is no question that drug charges involving cocaine are generally more serious – depending on the facts of the case – especially when it ...

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