CNBC’s list of best prisons

CNBC’s list of best prisons

Often, we defend people accused of
sex crimes, and many of those charges can result in serious consequences upon conviction.
We do the best job that we can to defend people charged with these crimes.

As Michelle Fox reports for CNBC, there are “best places to go to
prison,” and part of a criminal defense lawyer’s job is to
do everything is his or her power to get the best possible outcome for
the client – sometimes this means negotiating for the best possible
place to go to prison.

Fox’s piece centers on white-collar crimes and minimum-security prisons.
As Fox writes, people like Bernie Madoff and Martha Stewart go to these
types of prisons – which is not to say that those who are accused
of sex crimes cannot optimize their situation – but minimum-security
prisons are characterized by a lack of high walls keeping people inside
and not as much violence.

Here are some of the “best places to go to prison”:

•· Federal Prison Camp Montgomery in Alabama

•· FPC Pensacola in Florida

•· FPC Yankton in South Dakota

•· FCI Morgantown in West Virginia

•· FPC Alderson in West Virginia

•· FCI Otisville in New York

•· FCI Sheridan in Oregon

•· USP Lewisburg in Pennsylvania

•· FCI Sandstone in Minnesota

•· FCI Butner in North Carolina

•· Taft Correctional Institution in California

•· FCI Dublin in California

You may have noticed that Maryland did not make the list. But that doesn’t
mean that there aren’t things a criminal defense lawyer can do for
you if you’ve been charged with a crime in Maryland. The number
one rule of practice is good negotiation.