‘Is this the end?’ says Hollywood shooter

‘Is this the end?’ says Hollywood shooter

If it hadn’t been the end for this as-yet-unidentified Hollywood
gunman, he most certainly would have been charged with a
violent crime, like attempted murder.

As Hailey Branson-Potts reports for the Los Angeles Times, a man walked
down the street in Hollywood and fired on passing cars – he hit
one man in a silver Mercedes in the jaw, sending him to Cedars-Sinai Medical
Center in critical condition – before Los Angeles police officers
shot him down.

As he fired on the man in the silver Mercedes, an eyewitness is said to
have heard the gunman say, “Is this the end?” It’s not
clear whether he was referring to his own demise or that of the man in
the Mercedes; either way, the photo in the Los Angeles Times report shows
LA detective Nicole Kittle standing over the gunman’s body, which
is covered by a white sheet. There’s a bit of blood on the Mercedes
and the windows have been shot out.

Though this recently happened in Hollywood – “This is Hollywood,”
said one eyewitness, “I honestly thought they were filming something”
– the laws against violent crime involving guns are pretty uniform
throughout the nation, even if the rates of such crimes are lower in Hollywood
than they are in Baltimore.

Baltimore, Maryland, has one of the highest weapons charge and homicide
rates in the nation. As a direct result, Maryland prosecutors are experienced
with these types of cases, which can range from carrying a concealed weapon
or failure to register a gun to the use of a deadly weapon in the commission
of a felony.