Juice box tussle: 5-year-old boy stabs three

Juice box tussle: 5-year-old boy stabs three

We don’t know what the “edged weapon” was that the 5-year-old
boy wielded over the Martin Luther King, Jr. holiday weekend, stabbing
three other little boys, as Martha Neil reports for the ABA Journal, but
the message is clear:

Don’t mess with this kid’s juice box.

Law enforcement took the boy into custody after the stabbings, and is now
being “evaluated” – presumably it’s a psychiatric
evaluation – after he got into some sort of tussle involving a juice box.

As Neil reports, the sheriff on the case said, “I’ve heard
of juveniles throwing temper tantrums, but I’ve never heard of anything
like this before.”

In our
criminal defense practice, we’ve seen enough to know that when a 5-year-old does something
like this, there is probably an underlying issue, to say the least –
which is one good reason that sentences for juvenile crimes are usually
more lenient than for adults.