Lassie, Jolly Ranchers and Maryland drug charges

Lassie, Jolly Ranchers and Maryland drug charges

There is no question that
drug charges involving cocaine are generally more serious – depending on the
facts of the case – especially when it comes to production and distribution.
In one recent case, a 31-year-old Edgewood, Maryland, man has been sentenced
to a decade behind bars on charges of conspiracy to possess with the intent
to distribute cocaine.

As the Dagger reports, law enforcement authorities intercepted phone calls
between the 31-year-old and a co-conspirator, which were used as evidence
(the men referred to the jolly rancher and the lassie, nicknames for crack
and powder, respectively) as well as tailed the men to observe a meeting
“consistent with a narcotics transaction.”

There were several agencies involved in the arrests of these two men, from
the Drug Enforcement Administration to the Maryland State Police.

The man’s co-conspirator was also found guilty; he distributed a
mere 28 grams of crack and more than 500 grams of powder cocaine. The
difference is interesting and might have something to do with the disparity
in punishment for crimes involving crack and those crimes involving powder cocaine.

Up until the recent revision to the law, the penalties for crack cocaine
were much worse than for those for powder cocaine.