Man gets 11 years in prison for sex trafficking in Maryland

Man gets 11 years in prison for sex trafficking in Maryland

As Fairfax News reports, a 31-year-old Maryland resident was recently sentenced
to 11 years behind bars on a
sex offenses conviction. The man was found guilty for sex trafficking involving a 16-year-old
girl that he originally met on the Internet.

According to a U.S. Attorney, the man “trolled social networking
sites and then lured and groomed a juvenile girl into his prostitution
business. Sex trafficking – especially of minors – is a heinous
crime and has long-term psychological consequences for the victims.”

The man is said to have operated his prostitution business in Maryland,
Washington, D.C., and Virginia. As for the 16-year-old girl, the man brought
her to clients in Maryland and had her perform sexual acts in exchange
for cash – keeping a percentage for his own.

The FBI participated in the man’s arrest. One agent said, “Recruiting,
exploiting and transporting juveniles for the purpose of underage prostitution
is among the lowest forms of human conduct. It’s a sad reality that
people prey on our children…”

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