Maryland rock climbing coach pleads guilty to sex offense

Maryland rock climbing coach pleads guilty to sex offense

A 31-year-old Maryland rock climbing coach has recently plead guilty to a sex offense perpetrated against a 14-year-old climbing student – and the irony in this case is that the 31-year-old had trained other coaches on proper coach-student etiquette, as David Greisman reports for the Baltimore Sun.

The rock climbing coach in this case has plead guilty, but in many cases that involve allegations of sex crimes, the accused is considered guilty long before he or she has ever had a trial. Now that the coach has plead guilty, however, he will be required to register as a sex offender – after spending considerable time behind bars.

As Greisman reports, prosecutors in the man’s case recommended to the judge that eight years of the 15-year prison sentence be served with five years of probation after time served.

Another consequence of the man’s guilty plea is that he have no contact with minors, a consequence that will obviously impact his ability to coach rock climbing.

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