NBC correspondent arrested for drunk driving

NBC correspondent arrested for drunk driving

NBC correspondent Jay Gray was recently
arrested for drunk driving after “getting wasted” at a party hosted by Jerry Sandusky’s
lawyer Joe Amendola. For those who haven’t heard the news, Jerry
Sandusky has been charged with crimes alleging molestation and sex assault
perpetrated against young boys.

Sandusky was a well-known assistant football coach who served under famed
Penn State head coach Joe Paterno (Paterno was subsequently fired amid
allegations that he did nothing in response to Sandusky’s alleged
sexual activities).

The latest news involves Joe Amendola, Sandusky’s lawyer, who hosted
a party at his house, to which he invited a number of reporters from different
media. These reporters, as TMZ reports, were apparently trying to get
an interview with Sandusky, and NBC correspondent Jay Gray was among them.

Having left the party and driving home, Gray was pulled over for a traffic
stop that apparently was not related to the ultimate DWI arrest; according
to police records, the arrest happened on Dec. 12 at roughly two in the morning.

It’s not clear whether one lucky reporter has been chosen to interview
Sandusky; either way, Gray now faces his own drunk-driving charges (admittedly,
less serious than the 40 counts of sex crimes against Sandusky, Gray’s
hopeful interview subject).

In Maryland, more than 20,000 people are arrested for DWI every year. These
are all kinds of people, including minor celebrities like NBC correspondents.
Truly, DWI is a crime that can happen to anyone.