Ringleader, accomplices charged with kidnapping, aggravated assault

Ringleader, accomplices charged with kidnapping, aggravated assault

Four mentally disabled people were locked in a dirty boiler room in the
basement – one of them chained to a radiator, as Eric Johnson reports
for the Chicago Tribune – leading to a plethora of charges against
alleged ringleader 50-year-old Linda Weston and her two accomplices, including
kidnapping and
aggravated assault.

As Johnson reports, Weston is said to have faked her way to the four peoples’
federal Social Security Disability checks, posing as their caregiver.

Weston has a prior criminal record for murder.

Law enforcement officer Joseph Green was one of those who investigated
the case. “There were a couple water bottles but no food or anything.
There was a bucket they used to urinate in,” Green said.

Green also said the people were brought to the hospital for “much
needed medical attention,” as Johnson reports.

Many different agencies were involved in the case, including the FBI and
Social Security Administration.

Weston apparently moved from city to city, leading investigators to suspect
that she may have other people locked away in other locations. At the
time of Johnson’s report, Weston was not cooperating with authorities.

Source: Chicago Tribune, “Bond set for captors of disabled adults
locked in filthy room,” by Eric Johnson, 10/17/11