Surveillance of sex offenders during Halloween

Surveillance of sex offenders during Halloween

As Jonathan Moynihan reports for the Severn Patch, not everyone can participate
on Halloween. Those convicted of
sex crimes are not allowed to participate, given that the point of Halloween is to
disguise yourself in a costume and roam the streets going house to house
with the other participants, most of which are children.

But, as Moynihan writes, the sex offender registry is not meant to “harass
or commit a crime against those listed on the site, but for informational
purposes only.” Moynihan does not include information on how the
police conduct surveillance on Halloween, but one thing is clear: A sex
offense conviction will affect you for the rest of your life in ways you
never thought possible — like being able to participate in holidays.

Other than police surveillance of registered sex offenders, it is suggested
that children stay on the sidewalks, carry flashlights, and never enter
a stranger’s home while trick-or-treating.

Halloween may be over, but this story is a reminder that to be a registered
sex offender is to live a life with unusual restrictions.

Source: Severn Patch, “County Police to Ensure Sex Offenders Don’t
Participate in Halloween Activities,” by Jonathan Moynihan, 10/31/11