Untreated blackened eye leads to loss of eyeball

Untreated blackened eye leads to loss of eyeball

One of criminal defense lawyers’ main goals is to keep their clients
out of jail. And it’s not some mythical legal “loophole”
or magic that we perform in order to do so – it’s simply part
of our jobs to protect our clients the best that we can.

A major reason to avoid jail – whether you’ve been convicted
of anything from a sex crime to
drunk driving – is to avoid the violence that often occurs inside correctional

As Cameron Langford reports for Courthouse News, 62-year-old Isaac Rojas
learned first-hand about jail violence. But he also learned about negligence
on the part of employees of correctional institutions.

Rojas was punched in the eye during an altercation (Langford doesn’t
get into why the altercation occurred) and then placed in solitary confinement.
Despite his pleas for help, doctors, nurses and guards did nothing to
address the fact that his eye was blackened and swollen shut.

According to the complaint, Rojas was finally treated a number of days
later. “[I]t was too late. Mr. Rojas could no longer see out of
his left eye and needed to undergo surgery to remove the eyeball altogether
so as to prevent additional harm.”

If you are facing criminal charges, contact a
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