Warning: Don’t post your photos of domestic abuse on Facebook

Warning: Don’t post your photos of domestic abuse on Facebook

“This is wut happens wen my baby hits me back,” says the caption,
as CBS News reporters write. In the blurred image, you can see a toddler
(she is one year old) bound in blue painter’s tape – her wrists,
her ankles, her mouth.

21-year-old Andre Curry’s Facebook friends were quick to report him
to the authorities, as well as write comments like “nasty dirty
child abuser.” Curry has apparently removed the photo from Facebook.
Nonetheless, he has been charged with
domestic abuse.

In Maryland, the law of domestic violence is quite broad, and can include
everything from an argument between a husband and wife (or boyfriend and
girlfriend) to child abuse perpetrated by a father or mother (or even
sibling) against a son or daughter, brother or sister.

In other words, any relationship that involves violence where people live
under one roof, are related by blood, or had a significant prior romantic
relationship, can result in domestic abuse charges.

Accused of domestica abuse, contact a
Maryland criminal lawyer before you talk to police or anyone else.

Source: CBS News, “Child abuse charges for man who allegedly bound toddler with tape, posted
photos to Facebook
,” 12/21/11