Why the Decline in Recent DWI Arrests?

Why the Decline in Recent DWI Arrests?

Criminal defense attorneys know that police officers aren’t shy about stopping drivers suspected of DWI.

But here are some surprising statistics: In the past five years there has been a 30 percent drop in DWI arrests, and according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, DWI arrests are actually at their lowest mark in two decades.

What explains this?

There are several possible reasons for the decline in DWI arrests.

First, it could be that with the down economy, fewer people are frequenting the bars, opting instead to drink at home.

Second, DWI laws continue to get harsher. People may be starting to realize that the consequences of a DWI conviction – especially a repeat offense or a conviction arising out of an alcohol-related car wreck – aren’t getting any lighter, and range from indefinite driver’s license suspension to significant time behind bars.

Third, DWI is expensive. From paying for the ignition interlock device on your vehicle, a device which prevents the car from starting up if you’ve been drinking, to an alcohol anklet that monitors your blood-alcohol content 24 hours a day (and possibly¬†your whereabouts), the penalties for drunk driving are getting more and more intrusive and more and more expensive.

All of these factors combined could be causing people to be a little more careful before they get behind the wheel.