Young man ‘vilified’ in case involving domestic violence, murder

Young man ‘vilified’ in case involving domestic violence, murder

As Tricia Bishop reports for the Baltimore Sun, defense lawyers are questioning
whether young 24-year-old George Huguely can get an untainted jury –
a jury who hasn’t possibly already made up its mind – in a
case where Huguely has long been painted in the media as a violent perpetrator of
domestic abuse.

Huguely had prior run-ins with the police, including two arrests related
to alcohol, and in one of those arrests he had apparently “threatened
violence” against the police. Bishop writes that Huguely was “struggling
with alcohol and anger issues.”

The so-called alcohol and anger issues came to a head when Huguely was
charged with the first-degree murder of his on-again, off-again girlfriend
Yeardley Love. Both Huguely and Love were part of an “elite”
group of lacrosse athletes in college, apparently born into privilege,
having attended prep schools and in possession of “bright” futures.

Two weeks prior to college graduation, as Bishop reports, Love lost her
life, and the media descended upon the area, printing up “sensational”
headlines like “Huguely … was a man of privilege, rage.”

Now, in the middle of jury selection, most – if not all – of
the potential jurors are claiming that they’ve learned about the
case in prior reports and would have trouble staying unbiased in considering
Huguely’s innocence or guilt.