Important Steps to Take If Accused of a Sex Crime

Important Steps to Take If Accused of a Sex Crime

Whether you are charged with
sexual assault or
child pornography, being accused of a
sex crime is a complete nightmare. Although criminal law says a person is innocent
until proven guilty, even mere allegations of sexual misconduct can cause
significant damage to an individual’s personal and professional

If you experience false allegations of a sex crime, it is imperative to
protect yourself and build a strong legal defense as soon as you learn
about your criminal investigation. While you may simply ignore trouble
you are in because you believe you are innocent, failing to take action
can result in further legal trouble.

The following are the proper steps to take after being accused of sexual

  • Hire a lawyer – The best action to take is hiring an experienced
    criminal defense attorney to protect your rights and reputation. Just because you obtain
    legal representation doesn’t mean you admit guilt. Because of the
    high stakes involved in these types of cases, a lawyer can help mitigate
    the damage, guide you through the complexities of your case, and use a
    wide range of defenses to prove there is a reasonable doubt to these allegations.
  • Do not speak to law enforcement – Just because you stay quiet about the allegations, doesn’t
    make you appear guilty. In fact, exercising your right to remain silent
    can do more good than harm. People often make the mistake of trying to
    explain “their side of the story”. However, what you say to
    police and the prosecution can be used against you in court. You will
    have an opportunity to explain yourself once you discuss the details with
    your attorney.
  • Collect evidence and potential witnesses – In order to prove your innocence, you must gather evidence which
    supports your claim. You and your lawyer can obtain supporting evidence
    such as scientific tests or testimony from expert witnesses, create a
    timeline of the events leading up to the alleged incident, and contact
    anyone who could corroborate your story. If you encounter evidence which
    doesn’t support your case, destroying or hiding it can result in
    more legal trouble. Your attorney can determine the proper course of action
    and build an effective plan to maintain your innocence.
  • Do not contact the accuser – While it may be tempting to reach out to the accuser in order to
    work things out without involving the authorities, do not take that risk.
    Contacting the accuser can be used against you. Anything you say in the
    conversation can make you appear guilty of intimidation or the crime itself.

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