We’re Moving to a New Headquarters on Monday, July 8th

We’re Moving to a New Headquarters on Monday, July 8th

We’ve got some very exciting news to share with you today. As of Monday, July 8th, we will be moving down the road to our new headquarters, which are conveniently located very close to BWI Airport.

Most of you are familiar with our current office in Arbutus, which has served us well over the last 14-plus years and enabled us to serve thousands of clients throughout Maryland. But the time has arrived for us to head into the next phase as a firm. Our law practice is thriving, and over the last few years, we have steadily grown, to the point where we simply have outgrown our current space. So in order to provide our current and future clients with the best possible experience, the time arrived for us to find a new home.

This new home is located at 999 Corporate Blvd – Suite 100, Linthicum, MD. It is just down the road from BWI Airport, making it a favorable location for the majority of our clients who come from all over the state of Maryland.

What will you find when you arrive at our new HQ? For starters, there is ample parking, so you don’t have to worry about walking too far, or not finding an open spot at all. Once you walk into the building, you will be facing our office doors at the other end of the lobby. Upon entering, you will be greeted by Shirley, our receptionist. And once you settle in and take a look around, you will quickly notice how spacious and modern our new headquarters is.

Perhaps you have always appreciated the complimentary beverages and snacks we have offered to clients at our former space. Of course, you can also expect them to be on offer at our new location. Most importantly, our primary motivation in moving is to provide everyone we serve with the best possible experience from the moment they first speak with us, right up to the point that your case or legal matter is resolved.

999, as we are already informally calling our new HQ, is very easy to get to from just about anywhere in the state, and while we know you will appreciate the convenience of our new location, we still thought it would be helpful to produce some short videos that show you exactly how to get to the new office from the general locale you live near.

Along with our upcoming move, we’ve got a lot of exciting news to share with you all in the coming weeks. Stay tuned to our blog and our Facebook page to keep updated on all the latest news coming from The Law Offices of James E. Crawford, Jr. & Associates.