Theft Convictions in Maryland

Theft Convictions in Maryland

Theft Charges Never Go Away

Everywhere you turn someone is judging you based upon your history and background. It’s just a fact of life and there is literally no way around it. We as human beings tend to “store” information. Information is accumulated and it can greatly affect our quality of life.

If you are charged and convicted of a theft crime in Maryland, chances are it could stay with you for the rest of your life. Under the Justice Reinvestment Act, there are certain steps that can be taken to remove these charges under the right circumstances. Overall, a theft conviction on your record is fatal to your future.

Maryland Case Search

A few years ago Maryland created the “case search” program on line. It gave everyone an opportunity to simply go to a government website to see who was charged with a crime and when. The details are striking. So, if you are charged with a crime such as shoplifting or some other major theft charge or even identification impersonation, that information is “sealed” into your forehead for the rest of your life.

Take Care of the Case Now!

Depending upon the nature of the criminal alleged act, certain steps can be taken to keep it off your record. Don’t make a mistake of thinking that you can go back later and have the conviction removed. Most of the time you cannot! There are exceptions to that rule however, they are few and far between.

A prospective job, school or even residence application can be turned down because of a silly theft conviction when you were younger. Maryland creates “tear” levels of thefts based upon the amount allegedly stolen. However, when individuals look at the Maryland case search they don’t always see the amount of money taken, all they really see is that you were convicted of a theft charge. Most people believe anyone charged and convicted with a “lying”, and “infamous” crime are not trustworthy people. They don’t care that it may have been a silly situation and maybe not even your fault.

Don’t Hesitate To Consult A Lawyer

If you are charged with any type of District Court or Circuit Court theft charge, it is imperative that you speak to a lawyer who understands how to navigate through the system. Failure to act now can have devastating consequences in the future. Call attorney James Crawford at 443-609-5789 today.