What To Do When Charged With Assault in the State of Maryland

What To Do When Charged With Assault in the State of Maryland

We regularly speak to people who have perfectly clean records, but somehow ended up coming to talk to us after being charged with assault. How does this happen so frequently? Let’s take a look at a sample scenario.

Let’s say you’re flying back from an exhausting trip to the West Coast, and even though you’re exhausted when you arrive home, some friends convince you to meet them for a couple of drinks at a bar. Even though you’re grumpy and should probably just stay home, you agree to meet up with them.

Off to the bar you go. You recount to your friends your tiring and stressful trip over a couple of drinks. Thinking about heading home to the comfort of your own bed, you say you’re ready to leave, but they convince you to stay for one more last drink with them. The bar is crowded and raucous, filled with people blowing off their own steam over beer and cocktails. Some stranger sitting next to you has already had his fill of alcohol and seems to enjoy saying plenty of obnoxious things quite loudly for everyone within a 30-foot radius to hear. On any other day, you would let someone like this just run their mouth; after all, it’s not personal. But fatigue, stress, and jetlag have worn down your usually patient demeanor. To the surprise of your friends, and even yourself, you step over to him and let him know just how rude you think he is. He stands up and tries pushing you, but you’re quicker than him, and in an instant he ends up on the floor, hitting his head on the leg of a table on the way down.

The bar crowd is suddenly hushed, as the guy stumbles slowly to his feet, pulls out his cell phone and calls 911. And he’s there with a large group of friends, all of whom back up his story that you attacked him…even though he actually grabbed you first.

The cops arrive and start questioning people, and before long they have you in cuffs because they’re arresting you for assault. You’ve never been in an actual fight before, let alone arrested. And even though you were earnestly defending yourself, in one bad moment you ended up on the wrong side of the law. It could happen to you, or any one of us. The important thing to remember in this type of situation is that your first move should be to call an attorney ASAP. Keep in mind that since you are the one being charged, anything you say from that point on can (and probably will) be used against you.

In order to avoid escalating this into an even worse situation, it is best for you to keep quiet and call attorney James Crawford. He’s worked with hundreds of people accused of assault, and he will provide you with a free consultation so you can breathe a bit easier and know that you’re in the hands of a skilled, seasoned criminal defense attorney. Call us at 443-709-9999 today for your free consultation.