Hip Quick Legal Tip | DUI and MVA Issues in Maryland

Hip Quick Legal Tip | DUI and MVA Issues in Maryland

Hi, my name is Mark Sobel, I am a traffic and criminal defense attorney here at the Law Offices of James Crawford. 

I would like to speak with you today regarding an issue that comes up a lot when people come into our office. They wait too long. Let me give you an example: Whenever there is a DUI case there are certain very strict deadlines that must be followed regarding your license. Your license will be suspended 45 days after a DUI stop. You have to request a hearing within ten days in order to protect your license until you have that MVA hearing. 

Unfortunately, we see many times, clients come into our office a month, two months, sometimes even three months after a DUI. At that point, there is really nothing we can do to help them regarding their driver’s license. 

One other issue that comes up is whenever there is a letter from the MVA stating that they are going to suspend your license. Clients have only 15 days to sometimes request a hearing after receiving a letter from the MVA. Many people open up the letter and then they sit on it, thinking that it is going to go away. If you ever receive a letter from the MVA, or if you ever pick up a DUI, call our office right away. Contact us, we’ll give you a free consultation here in our office and we’ll go over it with you — whether it’s something you can ignore or whether it’s something that needs to be worked on right away. 

Please, if you ever get any letter from the MVA or get cited for a DUI, call our office at (443) 709-9999 right away. You can ask for me, Mark Sobel, and I’ll be glad to help you. Thank you very much.